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Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why Waterless?

Four years after its introduction, "Waterless Spa Pedicures" continues to be my most popular class. Whether I'm working with clients or other salon owners and manicurists, I'm often asked why I chose to go waterless.

In early 2005, I replaced an expensive whirlpool footspa with a comfortable leather recliner and introduced
a new service, the Precision Nails Foot Detail. By eliminating the water, I created a more efficient pedicure, a “waterless spa pedicure” that's much safer for clients and better for our environment. As admirable as that sounds, especially now that more salons consider themselves "green," that's not why I did it. Saving the planet wasn't nearly as important as saving myself . . . from the hassles of using a footspa. Despite its beautiful looks and "pipe-less technology," my $13,000 footspa never worked consistently; moreover, it barely circulated the water and required too much time and effort to clean. After 16 months of ownership, I realized that avoiding technology would be better than using the "best" technology, and sold my footspa.

I also realized that, contrary to
what I learned in beauty school and demonstrated for the manicurist licensing exam, California's Board of Barbering and Cosmetology (BBC) does not require that feet be soaked and/or cleaned before a pedicure service. Allow me to repeat myself, soaking and/or cleaning is not required. So when I clean my client's feet during a waterless spa pedicure, I am exceeding what the BBC requires. At the same time, I can ignore California's strict regulations for disinfecting footspas, or any other container that holds water.

Why waterless? Eliminating the water eliminates:
• the expense of a footspa, including maintenance and parts;
• the space required to install it;
• the expense of plumbing, including labor and permits;
12- 15 gallons of water each pedicure;
• the expense of water and sewage fees;
• the risks associated with water-borne bacteria;
• the time to clean a footspa, or any other container;
• the labor involved in cleaning;
• the expense and disposal of disinfection products; and
• the need for a pedicure-equipment cleaning log.
After considering all the benefits of waterless pedicures, I can't imagine doing it any other way, but the choice is yours.


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  2. Have you made a video teaching the waterless pedicure? If so I'd like to buy it. I belive in what your doing, it not only save us, but it's safe for our customers. Great Move.

  3. Waterless spa pedicure is something new to me. Thanks for sharing your insights ans experiences. Great post.

  4. That's interesting! It sounds healthier and even cleaner! Plus you are saving water! Keep the good work! I hope that Waterless Pedicure comes to my town soon!

  5. Since observing Jamie's demonstration of the Waterless Spa Pedicure in August 2010, I introduced this service in my home-based business. My clients reserved judgement, but were amazed how long the 'feel' of the pedicure lasted. Getting the word out is slow but catching on. Thanks Jaime

  6. That's great....I really like your way to present information on the web.

  7. I am so glad I just stumbled on the website I am currently getting ready to open a natural nail salon after reading this I am moving toward the waterless salon thank you for sharing your testimony.