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Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Manicuring Curriculum: Change for the Better? Part 3

(This is the third part of an examination of proposed changes to California's manicuring curriculum.)

Technical Instruction vs. Practical Operation
One of the most significant changes proposed is the elimination of the minimum operations requirement. While this may simplify record-keeping, it does not address the fundamental problem with any time-based educational program: it values the quantity of time over the quality.
To suggest that students spend all their time in technical instruction and/or practical operation defies reality. Much of the time in school is wasted "hanging out." The time students might spend studying independently (e.g. reading a textbook or trade magazine) is not even recognized as "technical instruction" according to the definition: "technical instruction shall mean instruction by demonstration, lecture, classroom participation, or examination."

Beauty schools will not likely devote more time to instruction, nor can they possibly supply enough clients to keep students busy all day. The definition of "practical operation" is anything but ("the actual performance by the student of a complete service on another person or on a mannequin"). What difference does it make if the student performs a "complete" service? If the student needed to focus on developing a particular skill (e.g. massage or polish application), he or she could only do so in the context of a complete manicure or pedicure? That's absurd.

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