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Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Ideal Client

(Updated from a previous Precision Nails newsletter, this article generated both praise and criticism.)

We believe that receiving a salon service should be a safe and pleasant experience for the consumer. Conversely, we believe that the beauty professional providing the service also deserves a safe and pleasant experience. Our salon does not suit every consumer, nor does every consumer suit us. To be blunt, we will refuse service to those who do not.

After 17 years of providing nail services, we have more than enough experience to know who best suits us. Our ideal client exhibits these qualities:

• insists on trained and licensed professionals;
• respects our time;
• expects a clean, organized salon environment;
• appreciates quality more than convenience;
• enjoys our salon experience;
• schedules in advance;
• values our professional opinions;
• encourages our efforts to improve our skills;
• supports our commitment to the beauty industry;
• and refers family and friends.

Within an industry that treats consumers and professionals as disposable, Precision Nails thrives because we respect ourselves and value our clients, particularly our Preferred Clients (those with standing appointments).

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  1. Interesting Jaime...I believe this to be the ideal salon environment for both the consumer and the tech..yet I think the key to achieving this environment is having been in the business for 17yrs. I think most people that are still in the building years of filling a book are still in the buying (for lack of a better word)mode. I think also with time we see those that arent our ideal clients leave on their own and those that best fit in our salons are those that end up being the loyal client we look forward to seeing at every appointment. But again this seems to take time and seems to be a natural happening on its own!?! I have two clients right now that would be the first to go when the time comes, they dont respect me or my pricing etc, yet they are loyal by means of always being on time and never missing appointments. Unfortunately at this stage, I cant afford to be without their contribution to my income. Whats a girl to do.